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Webinar 2017



At the last interactive learning event we shared how to provide organizational leaders with the opportunity to experience the power of masterminding, peer coaching, and private coaching by creating a nice place to work is a given for most businesses, but creating an office that both attracts and energises top talent is a lot harder.  
Our discussions was for anyone involved in the relocation, re-design or refurbishment of their office space. We had our speakers, Mr. Olusola Oladotun, Mr. Timi Adesanya and Mrs. Ruth Obih-Obuah engage both our resident and Online Guest to thought provoking thoughts on the Work Place as the case may be.
They shared with our audience: 
- The latest trends and strategies behind re-designing your office
- Tips and tricks for finding the perfect location and what to look out for
- Ideas, tips and tools to make your new office space project a success
- How to engage your staff in order to create a great place to work
- A guided tour around our offices, where we successfully created our very own ‘destination workplace’
Incase you missed out on the event, you can download here the Presentation


About Us

Our strategy is to be creative and to think differently. We are strong in providing turn key designs and work place solutions.

Our Design Philosophy
To provide an exceptional quality of customer services and workmanship of our fitting-out work in order to maintain a long-lasting collaboration with our clients.


DOTRubik Clients

- Clarke Energy
- EMC2 Information Systems
- Idea Nigeria, Calabar
- Hewlett Packard Nigeria
- Nokia - The First Group
- London Metropolitan University
- Laurus Development Partners
- Zeeba Lingerie
- Secure & Trusted Alliance Services
- Probitas Partners


Quick Contact

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Get In Touch

Office Address:
205E, City Hall, Catholic Mission Street,
Lagos State. Nigeria.

Telephone Numbers:
+234 01-291 6949, +234 818 317 9275

Email Address:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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