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Glass Boards Make White Boards A Thing Of The Past!! Learn How To Create Yours.

Everyone knows WE love to work with glass !!!!

This POST will show how to build a transparent glass whiteboard that will never wear out and never ghost.

Glass is a superior surface for writing on with dry erase markers and erases with a tip of the finger.  The size I made mine was 2.4m by 1.2m and was NOT made to freestand as it would take up too much room in my clients office. Total cost was a very reasonable #45,000 , and took a weekend to build and finish (minus the delays from the glass toughening factory in Lagos!). The glass was from the popular building materials market in Amuu Str Mushin Lagos. 

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Wall Graphic Options
Created : 2017-04-02 20:46:57

Wall Graphic Products

Working on interior projects, we offer a wide range of material/finish/printing options to create your desired outcome. We are able to advise clients on the best solution to suit your requirement and budget, please fill the contact us form to discuss.


Below is some information on our most popular products, samples are available on request.

Wall Decals

For logos, lettering and quirky drawn-on style designs wall decals provide a fantastic look. They are a cost-effective and quick alternative to wallpaper and wall covering options. Our decals can be printed to any colour and laminated for high-traffic areas. For DIY applications we apply a high-quality application tape to all decals to ensure ease of installation. For larger or more complex installations we recommend a professional installation service. 


PVC Wall Coverings

Metamark ‘WallArt’ offers an ideal solution for printable wall coverings, including retail and leisure and exhibition. The textured weave finish provides an attractive appearance without lamination, and gives a highly vibrant print image. It retains greater intensity of the colours compared to traditional textile or paper based products. The PVC film has high level of opacity, and makes for no show-through on overlap joins.

Textile Wall Coverings

Metamark ‘WallTex’ is a low tack self-adhesive Polyester fabric, offering a clean alternative to traditional wall coverings. The fabric with its lightly textured weave is PVC free, and ideal for visual merchandising and exhibition. The repositionable adhesive is removable in the short term on sealed surfaces, allowing clean easy to replace wall décor coverings. Environmentally safe and bio-degradable over time, MD-TX2 is both PVC free and non-toxic.

Traditional Wallpaper MD-W200 (Apply with paste)

For permanent wall coverings using original paste the wall techniques Metamark W200, with its non-woven paper, gives minimal shrinkage to allow invisible joints to be spliced. The product has a smooth satin finish and a natural paper feel. It requires no lamination and is water resistant, PVC-free and FSC® certified, as well as fire retardant to Class C. 

Traditional Wallpaper MD-W300 (Pre-Pasted)

For permanent wall coverings with a traditional construction, Metamark W300, with its non-woven paper construction gives minimal shrinkage, allowing invisible joints to be spliced in. With its pre-pasted construction, the water activated backing offers a clean easy handling solution where pastable wall coverings is the choice. The product has a smooth satin finish and a natural paper feel. It requires no lamination and is water resistant, PVC-free and FSC® certified. It is fire retardant to Class C.