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Glass Boards Make White Boards A Thing Of The Past!! Learn How To Create Yours.

Everyone knows WE love to work with glass !!!!

This POST will show how to build a transparent glass whiteboard that will never wear out and never ghost.

Glass is a superior surface for writing on with dry erase markers and erases with a tip of the finger.  The size I made mine was 2.4m by 1.2m and was NOT made to freestand as it would take up too much room in my clients office. Total cost was a very reasonable #45,000 , and took a weekend to build and finish (minus the delays from the glass toughening factory in Lagos!). The glass was from the popular building materials market in Amuu Str Mushin Lagos. 

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Best 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Office Space
Created : 2017-01-18 18:01:43

You've done your homework and research through google and found an office space in a prime location around Lagos, Victoria Island or Port Harcourt. You've carefully considered how much room your new or existing business will need both today and in the future, and you're confident that the space you've leased is a good fit. Sounds like your office space is guaranteed to be perfect, right? Maybe not.

Even if you find the right commercial space, it's still possible to lay it out incorrectly or to create an architectural design that isn't conducive for a productive, happy work force. Following these five tips will help you to get the most out of your office space and promote the best working environment for your team.


1. Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

With a packed schedule, it's easy to put on blinders and walk through your office space without really looking around you, but this robs you of the chance to look for signs that your office may need improving. Throughout your day, be aware of your surroundings. Are employees needing to bring in desk lamps to get enough light to work comfortably? Is the temperature so uncomfortable that they need fans or space heaters to get through the day? Do you see employees having to rearrange the furniture or adjust the layout of the space to get their work done effectively? Keep an eye out for these and other telltale signs that you need to make some changes with an interior design firm in Nigeria.

2. Include Plenty of Common Spaces

Collaboration between employees is important in any industry and an office space can either help or hinder it. To encourage people to work together and communicate in the office, you need more than just a conference room or two. Set aside areas during your office refurbishment in Nigeria where employees can congregate comfortably and have desks, power outlets and the right lighting available to complete tasks as a team.

3. Plan for Productivity

Deciding where each department or employee should be placed in your work space requires careful thought. Instead of putting management in the largest offices and then distributing the rest of the space based on department size, plan the layout of office and department locations with productivity in mind. Which departments need to work together the most? Which management team members are the most important resources for each department or business unit? Placing individuals and teams that need to frequently communicate with one another close together will help your employees more easily get work done during the day without remodelling.

4. Maximize the Light

You can't underestimate the importance of having a bright workplace. Not only do your employees need the light to work without eyestrain, but brighter spaces have been shown to improve morale and overall employee satisfaction. Switch to eco-friendly and eye-friendly LED lighting and use windows to the fullest by positioning furnishings away from them to let in the most amount of light possible.

5. Get Input From Your Team

When you're determining how to set up shared work spaces, consult the supervisors or management team members responsible for those areas and have a discussion with DOTRubik (expert renovation contractors in Nigeria) . You know what each business unit and department is responsible for, but you likely don't know how the employees in those areas work best. Getting input from their immediate supervisors will allow you to determine what type of furnishings are best and how to arrange them to create a comfortable, productive work environment.