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+234 01-291 6949, +234 818 317 9275
Wherever you are, DOTRubik Projects can deliver the right solution for your commercial office needs:



Our primary objective is top quality project delivery for you. DOTRubik provides leadership and control through all project management stages from inception to completion.

DOTRubik Projects micro manages the project in order to hit your deadline and budget. You gain the flexibility to make changes you feel are necessary. It's a complete service: space utlisation studies, design, procurement and construction.

A single principal contractor gives you tighter and more accurate cost control. A one stop shop for all interior requirements provides peace of mind and 'Space that Works'.

The company is run by its founding director Oladotun Olusola and a team of construction professionals. Working relationships are pivotal to the company’s success and we pride ourselves on our working partnerships with many major interior refurbishment product manufacturers / partners. If you need a friendly, pro-active team to do business with, then why not pick up the phone or send us an e-mail, and see how we can help with your office refurbishment needs.


Our cost consultant's (quantity surveyor's) primary objective is to provide exceptional value for money. We provide detailed, intelligent, productive cost advice and full cost control at all stages of your project from inception to completion. We believe detailed planning results in reduced costs and more focused resources.

We have the project management and dry construction expertise required to provide architectural interior construction services as well as a capable team.

The use of dry construction system is a part of every building, this goes from the POP Ceiling to Gypsum board wall cladding e.t.c.

For our team it is about careful project development, space planning, inspirational designs with concept drawings and 3D visualization, workplace appraisals, building survey and feasibility of the fit out job itself.


Our designers share a common goal: to create buildings that work better for people. DOTRuik takes pride in our Nigeran heritage, inventive and highly skilled Architects and design specialists. Efficiency is a key concern. In response, our concepts and designs and integrated to manage cost and provide you with a great finish after construction.

Much consideration must be given to correctly setting out your proposed office.

Factors such as efficient use of
• Space
• Functionality
• Desired style
• Innovation
• Sustainability
• Flexibility
• Natural Lighting
• Environmental and health and safety concerns, to name but a few.

In addition a good design we will provide value for money and be analyzed for the practical issues a builder will face in translating the design into a finished space.


Our Development and renovation projects are aimed at providing a refreshing alternative to the stressful, chaotic and insecure conditions of incompetent hand.

We provide a full stripping out / demolition services for our clients. A majority of projects require some demolition, primarily the removal of old suspended ceilings / lighting, partitioning, carpets and electric's, which are then cleared.

We will provide turnkey solutions to your needs and have your project delivered on schedule and at the right cost to you.



About Us

Our strategy is to be creative and to think differently. We are strong in providing turn key designs and work place solutions.

Our Design Philosophy
To provide an exceptional quality of customer services and workmanship of our fitting-out work in order to maintain a long-lasting collaboration with our clients.


DOTRubik Clients

- Clarke Energy
- EMC2 Information Systems
- Idea Nigeria, Calabar
- Hewlett Packard Nigeria
- Nokia - The First Group
- London Metropolitan University
- Laurus Development Partners
- Zeeba Lingerie
- Secure & Trusted Alliance Services
- Probitas Partners


Quick Contact

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Get In Touch

Office Address:
205E, City Hall, Catholic Mission Street,
Lagos State. Nigeria.

Telephone Numbers:
+234 01-291 6949, +234 818 317 9275

Email Address:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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